Welcome to SSC

Unique technology, public Chain Project

Create the most influential virtual currency digital market in the world,Nothing can stop us..

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Welcome to SSC

The most innovative and rich

We are independent of all existing blockchain technologies to create a new blockchain ecology.

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Welcome to SSC project

Official website

Public chain project, real-time transaction, unlimited expansion

SSC is valuable to everyone. As a general equivalent, value anchor will be dynamically balanced according to community consensus. No one can control it, he is fair and independent. Technically, it is independent of all virtual currencies. In terms of use, according to the value consensus network, it can produce circulation value. SSC is scarce, it can produce more value than we think.

  • Third party application access realizes value circulation

  • Decentralized exchange realizes value transfer

  • Open sschain interface to extend on Chain

  • Financial means to build a consensus on the value of digital currency


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You can create a new virtual currency through sschain

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If you have better suggestions, you can put forward them through our official group

The only DiffChain in SSC

matters needing attention

  1. Invitation questions

    When you fill in your superior invitation code, you will get a certain sscoin reward. If you don't fill in your superior invitation code, the software will show that your superior invitation code is "NULL"

  2. Title Problem

    What we advocate is that everyone can only have one account. We will limit the IP used when registering, instead of detecting the IP used when logging in. You can log in to your account anywhere in the world.

  3. Value problem

    1. The total amount of sscoin is limited, and the global total amount of IPv4 is limited.
    2. The equipment can be produced without limitation
    3. SO We need to use limited people to allocate resources instead of equipment.
    4. The scarcity of SSC determines its great value