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Announcement on the second airdrop of SSC project and its update

1. In order to increase the popularity of the fund pool game, 100 sscoins will be continuously injected into the fund pool game every 15 minutes, with a cumulative injection of 400000 sscoins. Among them, super POS users enjoy super POS bonus pool, while ordinary users enjoy ordinary bonus pool. The injection rate of the prize pool is the same, and they have no influence on each other
2. SSC project currently supports two-dimensional code collection method. Sscoin transfer can be carried out by any third party scanning two-dimensional code and logging on the official website of SSC project
3. The current SSC project optimizes the language experience of multinational users and adds Google translation interface
4. SSC project currently supports face-to-face friend invitation through QR code
5. The account blocking system is currently suspended, and it is expected to complete the cleaning of false accounts before the opening of pow mode
6. At present, the SSC project has added a courtesy activity, through which we can better understand the SSC project and blockchain related projects. We hope SSC community is the most intelligent and influential blockchain community in the world.
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