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On sschain currency issuing system

1. SSC project users can freely issue their own virtual currency on sschain.
2. The information required for currency issuance is as follows:
*A size of 32 * 32 square preview, requires image format.
*A size of 96 * 96 square preview, requires image format.
*Provide the name of the currency to be issued
*Provides the total amount of money to be issued
*Theoretically, there is no decimal point limit for currencies issued based on sschain.
3. The currency issued based on sschain will automatically give the characteristics of real-time transaction, and realize the value transfer in digital form based on the performance of sschain
4. 100 sscoins need to be destroyed for each currency issue
5. The currency issued by users independently needs to be maintained independently. Sschain is only used as the bearing platform of currency, and does not participate in or affect other currencies in the chain.
6. When the handling fee is paid by the independent currency, it is paid by the independent currency.
7.In SSC, the user issued currency does not provide transfer history service, and developers can develop additional history function on the premise of information protection
8.If, within 7 days, the currency is named after the existing currency and there is no substantive interface or service provision, SSC will suspend the display of the currency.
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