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Detailed supplement to important notice of SSC project

After the POS mechanism is closed, the following functions will not be triggered:
1. Invite friends to sign up with + 10sscoin
2. Super POS function
3. Automatic POS function
4. Account blocking system
5. Account deletion caused by not signing in on the 7th

Description of the value of sscoin obtained by POS and sscoin obtained by POW:
The sscoins obtained by the two methods are identical and equivalent. They belong to the sschain chain and have all the properties of the sschain chain.

About POW system
1. POW uses CPU for hash operation.
2. At present, POW mining system only supports windows operating system
3. POW mining system supports viewing all currencies based on sschain chain and integrating currency transfer system.
4. The reward rules for pow mining are as follows:
·Each successful hash operation can get a sscoin reward.
·The reward needs to pass through the node, and the node will charge a part of sscoin handling fee set according to the node for each successful collision.
·Users will get a bouns reward in a certain probability after mining nodes. At the same time, the block bounds reward will be greater than the normal POW mining reward.
·A machine can bind multiple token accounts, but it can only run one POW software at the same time, otherwise redundant POW programs may not get block rewards normally.

On the transfer function of money on sschain:
In order to improve the functionality and application expansion of sschain, when the currency issued on sschain is transferred, it is necessary to use the issuing currency to pay a certain amount of current transfer currency to the network node as a handling charge. The specific amount of the service charge is negotiated between the user and the node.
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