Welcome to SSC project

Important notice on SSC project

We expect to permanently stop the following functions on July 15, 2021:
·Super POS function.
·Invite reward sscoin function.
·Automatic POS function.

We expect to implement the following plan from July 15, 2021 to July 17, 2021:
1. Temporarily turn off the registration function.
2. Temporarily close the incentive mechanism for registration invitation.
3. Publish POW mining details.
4. Expose the sschain interface.
5. False registered account blocking detection.

We expect to implement the following plans after 18 July 2021:
1. Permanent shutdown of POS function.
2. Permanent closure of the invitation incentive mechanism.
3. Restore the registration function.
4. Open POW mining, open POW program download.
5. Open the function of issuing virtual currency based on sschain.
6. Open the function of virtual currency transfer based on sschain.

The above time may be slightly adjusted according to the specific situation of the project operation, and the approximate time will not change.
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