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Unified reply to the issue of banning and shopping

About account blocking system

The account blocking system will stop after the internal transfer is opened. After all internal transfers are opened, POS mechanism will be stopped and POW mechanism will be opened. At present, SSC POW wallet tool is under development.

Reasons for account ban:

Individuals own or manipulate multiple accounts, causing adverse effects on the SSC market.

Multiple accounts are considered to be manipulated in the following situations:

(a) In the process of invitation, the invitees complete all the registration processes
(b) The invitee cannot provide any registration information except invitation code for the invitee
(c) Register multiple accounts. User information is highly consistent.
(d) How to help the invitees complete POS tasks

Notice on the ban of multiple family accounts:

You can't have specific people register on your behalf. You need to register your account independently.

For example, when your parents need to register for SSC, please let them register by themselves through your invitation link instead of inviting others to fill in their information.

It should be noted that using the same network for login will not produce account blocking problem.
Misunderstanding notice:

1. At present, SSC project has not been decentralized. This work will be carried out after the completion of POS mechanism for the following reasons:

a) We need to ensure that the value created by the account is real and effective through centralized means
b) Centralization can provide effective value management
c) After the POS mechanism is over, the centralized value management will be stopped, all the value created by centralization will be decentralized, and the pow mining will be started at the same time.
d) POW mining allows a person to have more than one machine for calculation, and energy consumption will produce equal exchange of value with sscoin.

2. About network address detection

a) SSC does not detect the login IP address.
b) SSC project cannot be registered with the same IP address. Therefore, POS mining has quota limit, and if the IPv4 address is exhausted, POS mining will not be able to continue to expand the number of participants.
c) Network address will be used to generate user profile, including but not limited to token information and user behavior hash
About shopping system

1. The shopping system does not audit products.
2. At present, the shopping system is in the testing stage, and the specific content may be changed and restricted according to local laws
3. The shopping system will not be developed and maintained by SSC core team. After opening sschain, more third-party application platforms will be allowed to access SSC projects
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