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Disclosure of SSC project node rules

The main advantage of SSC project is to realize real-time transaction through diffchain technology. SSC project has great advantages in instantaneous data processing. Even if the ecology of Ethereum 2.0 is completely completed, the transaction will take 3-6 seconds to delay and pay a higher price. Our diffchain technology can reduce transaction delay to an unprecedented level.
Diffchain technology needs the support of network nodes. For distributed nodes, we think that these nodes should be owned by users, not controlled by SSC project party, which is the reason why we need to decentralize. But for SSC, too many nodes are unnecessary, which will lead to the gradual transfer of most of the wealth. Therefore, the number of nodes only needs to be able to carry the normal flow attribute of data in the network.

About node application conditions:
·There is no violation of the account.
·Have the node qualification, or pay a certain amount of sscoin to buy the node qualification.
·Independent host, can open any port, and can meet a large number of data processing and network communication requirements.
·At present, the node only supports windows system.

Reward for nodes:
After applying for the node, a certain sscoin will be extracted from each transaction of the user as a handling charge. Transfer between users will also be deducted from a certain fee. This part of the service charge is used to motivate users to become nodes and contribute to SSC project. The specific amount of handling charge should be negotiated by the node and the user. Users are free to choose nodes for transactions, and nodes are free to adjust the fees.
When the user uses the pow mechanism to mine, the service charge that needs to be paid to the node will be equal to the service charge at the time of transaction, and this part of the service charge is still freely negotiated between the user and the node. The market should be free, and we also hope that there will be win-win cooperation among the nodes. In this way, there will be a benign competition between nodes, and the market will become more and more inclusive.
Of course, if the transaction volume of a node increases sharply due to the low handling charge, and its host performance processing speed is slow, resulting in higher network delay, users can select the appropriate node for transaction and data processing according to the current timeliness requirements.
We can set the socket information of the node in the upper left corner, which needs to be set every time we start the node. Initialization of node device.
We will provide a list of nodes for users' reference.
We will not set the lower limit of handling charge, but it is not allowed to be greater than 50%.
All transactions and POW revenue of users will be directly carried out through the node, which will provide a part of revenue to the node, and in the long run, the revenue will be huge. However, in order to prevent excessive sscoin concentration, we will open pledge mining in the future to increase the liquidity of sscoin in the market.

About the server configuration scheme used by nodes
·Independently download SSC node application on the official website for installation and operation. And configure the server alone. Our node is very simple to run, which won't give you a headache.
·Looking for SSC core team for server technical support, we will charge 50 usdts as service fee.
·We will not provide any suggestions and help programs for the purchase of servers. Users need to make dynamic adjustments according to the handling charges and server performance.

Problems and precautions about node subsequent update
·Please pay attention to the official group and twitter news, after we release the new version of node software, you will be able to download our new application on the official website for the first time.
·Each account can only run one node program at most.
·The port number can be customized and open.
Restrictions on using sscoin to purchase node qualifications:
·The price for purchasing SSC nodes before June 2021 is 20000 sscoins
·The price for purchasing SSC nodes from July to August 2021 is 30000 sscoins
·The price for purchasing SSC nodes in August 2021 is 40000 sscoins
·The price for purchasing SSC nodes in September 2021 is 50000 sscoins
·The price for purchasing SSC nodes after October 2021 is 60000 sscoins
·After October 2021, the exchange price of SSC node qualification will remain unchanged at 60000 pieces / piece.
On the purchasing power of sscoin caused by the opening hours of internal transfer of SSC
·SSC has opened up some internal transfer qualifications
·In order to prevent sscoin created by false registered accounts from flooding into the market, we have temporarily closed the issuance of internal transfer qualifications
·We will open sscoin lending function to help obtain node qualification.
Technical support for building SSC nodes on mobile devices
·Miners with the ability to build servers can build their own servers for node configuration and operation
·The SSC project core team can provide integrated services for the purchase, construction and configuration of servers. It needs to pay 10% of sscoin revenue and 100 usdts to participate in the node every month.
Special reminder: node qualification supports transfer.
Announcement on SSC lending system:
The purpose of opening the lending system is to increase the liquidity of sscoin in the market and improve the monetary value of sscoin.
The rules are as follows:
1. Use usdt to exchange with sscoin at a certain exchange rate.
2. A certain amount of sscoin will be charged as the loan handling fee in total, and there is no time limit.
3. You can use sscoin to switch back to usdt at any time
4. Using sscoin to exchange usdt will be deducted a certain TRX miner handling charge, which is consistent with TRX transfer rules, and no additional deduction will be made.
5. In case of false claim, the SSC account will be banned. If there is any amount loss, please contact us as soon as possible.
6. Please keep your payment information permanently after paying usdt. In case of account deletion due to violation, we will return your usdt in full( Preferably in video format)
7. Please remember your password to avoid unnecessary account loss.
8. Please try to keep your account in an active state to avoid losses caused by unnecessary account deletion.
9. The lending system will synchronize with the transfer price after October.

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