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Announcement on the second round of production reduction of SSC project

At present, SSC project has launched 576927.2 sscoins in the last airdrop. The current sscoin money pool game will remain and will not be taken off the shelves, but the amount of money injected every 15 minutes will be cancelled. The participation requirement of the prize pool will remain at 5 sscoin. Please participate in the game rationally.

At the same time, we deflated the output of sscoin. At present, the basic reward has been adjusted to 4 sscoin, the lower level active reward has been adjusted to 1 sscoin, and the invitation level reward mechanism remains unchanged.

SSC node plan will be announced at the end of this month, please wait patiently for our notice.

Some requirements for nodes are as follows:
1. It has an independent host, can open any port, and can meet a large number of data processing and network communication requirements
2. Currently, only windows system is supported
3. The yield of SSC node will be adjusted by the owner of SSC node, and all members of SSC will conduct dynamic negotiation with the owner of SSC node in the form of market transaction
4. The acquisition of SSC node needs to have SSC node qualification, and SSC node qualification supports transfer as sscoin.
5. Please wait for a follow-up notice on the way to obtain SSC node qualification. It is expected to be announced in early May, which may consume part of your sscoin

Some notes on the qualification of internal transfer:
1. At present, sscoin transfer qualification will be issued cautiously, we need to avoid abnormal access to sscoin into the market.
2. The transfer function needs to be manually confirmed before it can be turned on, and the mandatory transfer function can not be turned on until October.

Emphasis on account ban:
1. At present, the number of false registrations of SSC projects per day exceeds 10000.
2. We will conduct a unified blockade against false registered accounts in the future.
3. At present, the account blocking algorithm has been optimized, which will be able to more in-depth mining of false registered users.
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