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We believe that you need to read the material below carefully before transferring your sscoin.

SSCoin transfer system

Before opening the internal transfer function, read the following rules carefully. Once opened, it will be irreversible.

About the opening of internal transfer function

1. Conditions for transferring sscoin: obtaining SSC transfer qualification and opening transfer function voluntarily
2. The influence of opening transfer function:
Once the transfer function is activated, you will not be able to use the following related functions:
·Daily POS rewards
·Invite friends can't get sscoin reward
·Super POS
·Automatic POS
3.Once the transfer function is enabled, it will be irreversible and you will not be able to return to the original state.
4.The account with transfer function will not be deleted by the system because of no login long time.
5.Once transferred, sscoin will instantly enter another account, and you cannot revoke this action.