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You can obtain a certain sscoin by mortgaging the general equivalent. This will inject more liquidity into the market.

SSCoin lending system

Using usdt mortgage to exchange sscoin(1 USDT : 1 SSCoin)
Using sscoin to exchange usdt (1 USDT : 1 SSCoin)

About the lending system

The purpose of opening the lending system is to increase the liquidity of sscoin in the market and improve the monetary value of sscoin.
The rules are as follows:
Once the transfer function is activated, you will not be able to use the following related functions:
·Use usdt to exchange with sscoin at a certain exchange rate
·A certain amount of sscoin will be charged every day as a loan handling fee
·You can use sscoin to exchange usdt at any time
·Using sscoin to exchange usdt will be deducted a certain TRX miner handling charge, which is consistent with TRX transfer rules, and no additional deduction will be made
·In case of false claim, the SSC account will be banned. If there is any amount loss, please contact us as soon as possible ·Please keep your payment information permanently after paying usdt. In case of account deletion due to violation, we will return your usdt in full( Preferably in video format)