Some answers about SSC

SSC project includes sschain and sscoin launched by SSC core team, and allows any third-party project to access the decentralized sschain, transfer value through value consensus network, and realize rapid rise of value with the help of existing market economy model. SSC project adopts the world's only diffchain to realize real-time transaction. For users, SSC is committed to buildingThe most inclusive and open digital money market in the world

SSC is the only digital currency that supports real-time transaction based on diffchain technology. Based on this technology, numerous applications can be extended. These application extensions will greatly increase the value of SSC, and the third-party application can greatly increase the price surge caused by the scarcity of sscoin by pledging sscoin to assign value to its own token, and the extension of the third-party application can greatly improve the two-way value circulation. Finally, there are two reasons. Network effect - as the number of registrants increases, the value of SSCoin also increases. The more valuable SSCoin, the more people will register. Endowment effect - people value the tokens they hold more than they don't. For the token you hold, you may worry about its price and support it in all possible ways to ensure that the price keeps rising.

Cryptocurrency is a concept that changes the world. It will give people real freedom to conduct financial life in the way they choose. Therefore, cryptocurrency is often hailed as the greatest revolution in modern history. At present, the transaction speed of digital currency is extremely slow, and SSC project is able to solve this problem. We make it very easy to use your first cryptocurrency, which is very important for large-scale distribution. SSC aims to eliminate the defects of digital currency 1.0 era, so that everyone can enjoy the inherent value of SSC through IP address, so as to release the real potential of cryptocurrency.

reward mechanism
Level Need subordinates Bonus
111.2 %
241.44 %
391.73 %
4162.07 %
5252.49 %
6362.99 %
7493.58 %
8644.3 %
9815.16 %
101006.19 %
2040038.34 %
30900237.38 %
4016001469.77 %
5025009100.44 %

We will use deep convolution neural network with our expert system to detect SSC community members' accounts irregularly. When your subordinates show large-scale abnormal behavior, your subordinates will be marked as abnormal, and part of your revenue will be reduced. If you are a friend invited through normal behavior, the detection of the system will not be triggered. If a series of illegal means are used to try to bypass our detection, we will separately ask you to unfreeze your account with KYC, otherwise we will restrict your account.

We will not completely abandon the pow mechanism. Although we have perfect POW mechanism as the conversion medium in the value consensus network, it is still advisable to use POS mechanism to take energy consumption as the value orientation. We will help you to save energy and get sscoin better by exchanging sscoin for sscoin. We believe that using POS + POW mechanism will be a smart decision for SSC project. Cloud mining machine will improve the overall value consensus of the network through computing after connecting to the network!

Daily reward = (basic reward + active subordinate bonus) x income level. The basic reward and active subordinate bonus will be adjusted dynamically. Active subordinate bonus means that if your subordinate has checked in within 24 hours, it is defined as active subordinate, and you can get additional subordinate bonus. The income level is an exponential function, and its specific rules can be found in Article 4.