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You can use sscoin to exchange the node qualification of SSC project. This will also inject liquidity support into the SSC market. We appreciate your efforts.

Sscoin node qualification exchange system

Redeem node qualification with sscoin

About node qualification exchange

Restrictions on using sscoin to purchase node qualifications:
·The price for purchasing SSC nodes before June 2021 is 20000 sscoins
·The price for purchasing SSC nodes from July to August 2021 is 30000 sscoins
·The price for purchasing SSC nodes in August 2021 is: 40000 sscoins
·The price for purchasing SSC nodes in September 2021 is 50000 sscoins
·The price for purchasing SSC nodes after October 2021 is 60000 sscoins
·After October 2021, the exchange price of SSC node qualification will remain unchanged at 60000 pieces / piece.

On the purchasing power of sscoin caused by the opening hours of internal transfer of SSC
·The SSC has opened up some internal transfer qualifications
·In order to prevent sscoin created by false registered accounts from flooding into the market, we have temporarily closed the issuance of internal transfer qualifications
·We will open sscoin lending function to help obtain node qualification.