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If you have problems with node maintenance, you can consider trying our node cloud service, which will bring convenience to your life.

Cloud on SSC node

SSC node cloud image

Introduction to related functions of node cloud service

We plan to open the following two kinds of cloud services at present. Users with node qualification can freely choose whether to use cloud services to run nodes.

1.Cloud plan on nodes
Users do not need to buy additional servers to run the node, they can build the node through the cloud server. It can be directly controlled by SSC application. Using this plan will not change the revenue of the node. Users need to set the node at the time of purchase. After setting, they can modify the interest rate of the node for free on the platform.
The plan, after purchase, is valid for 30 days.

2. Node cloud image plan
Users need to build their own server to run the node. When the server is out of bandwidth, disconnected, or powered off, the SSC cloud will copy the image of the node to prevent the node information from disappearing from the optional list, which can effectively protect the revenue from loss.

Purchase price:
1. Plan on node cloud 1000 sscoins / month
2. Node cloud image plan 0 sscoins / month

Purchase requirements:
1. Have enough sscoin
2. Have node qualification

All sscoin paid by users will be destroyed.